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Judy's Report

Judy's report about Bruno's concert with OSM in Feb. 2002

  I had a pen and a piece of paper with me, so that I could write down in the dark all the songs Bruno sang. I did really well with this until sometime in the second half, after a song that was so beautiful it made me cry. I clapped so hard after that, that I dropped my pen! Oh, I tried to see during the next few songs if I could remember them all, but it just wasn't going to happen...coincidentally, Dayna tried to write all the songs down for a friend of hers in Japan, and although we both missed some individually, together we were able to piece it together!

So, here goes:


 1. Brief musical introduction by orchestra

 2. Bruno comes on stage in a light gray suit jacket, gray sweater, black pants, and sings "Les Vieux Amants". This is a song I have heard Jacques Brel sing on an album I got in college, and it's one of my favorites. Very sweet and rich-sounding love song. An unexpected pleasure for me.

 3. "S'en Aller" with Kim Richardson. Their voices blend together so smoothly, it is amazing. Sometimes it sounds like one person singing, not two.

 4. At this point, Bruno says he wore the jacket to look nice with the prestigious  orchestra, but he must take it off to feel more at ease. The audience screams as he pretends to start a strip-tease, twirls the jacket over his head like he's going to throw it into the audience. Then at the last minute he shakes his head, smiling, and tosses it onto the grand piano instead! Bruno convinces the orchestra director, Simon LeClerc, to do the same with his own jacket. The audience really is laughing hard when all the guys in the orchestra stand up on stage and remove their jackets. Bruno says he is going to rename them "The Sexiest Orchestra in Montreal"!!!

5. "J'oublie Ma Folie" with Kim Richardson. I think this is the number that gets so jazzy, that by the end the entire middle section of the orchestra is standing and dancing in place! Really fun!

 6. "Le Plus Beau Concerto" A new song from Bruno's upcoming album. Pretty.

 7. "La Manic" The audience sings this with Bruno. No surprise that it's lovely!
 8. Bruno tells the audience that he has severa fantasies that he wants to fulfill tonight. The first is that he has always wanted to conduct a symphony orchestra, and that, while it took some convincing, Simon LeClerc has agreed to let him. He changes places with Simon up on the podium, and they confer as though Simon is giving Bruno last-minute conducting lessons. Bruno begins leading the orchestra in "Beethoven's Fifth", waving his arms, with a big grin on his face.
 (Oh, my gosh, I don't think I said yet that I think Bruno looks like he's about 10 years old now, with this new short haircut? He is the most adorable thing you've ever seen. I'm sending you the picture from the magazine "7 Jours",  in case you haven't seen it yet. I was a bit nervous about his new look, but he looks so great, very fit, and rested and happy, too.) Simon stands behind Bruno and really conducts as the audience laughs in delight at their clowning. Bruno turns his head quickly to catch Simon, but Simon has already put his hands behind his back and looks innocent. Luc wrote on the guestbook that this reminded him of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and that all Bruno was lacking was bunny ears!

9. After the conducting is over, Bruno confides another fantasy to us. He wants to sit in the audience like anybody else, and hear the orchestra play a piece of music that always brings a lump to his throat, it is so moving: Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings". He proudly shows off his ticket, and then comes off the front of the stage and makes his way to his seat. I can't see him now, but I can hear him making comments as he walks through the audience there, and they are laughing. The piece of music is hauntingly beautiful, and it's so nice to know that Bruno is able to sit in peace and enjoy it.

 10. "Moon Over Madness", a song written by one of Bruno's favorite musicians, Gino Vannelli, for the movie, "Dracula". English lyrics, which are both romantic and scary. Very powerful music, to match Bruno's voice.

11. "Let It Be" by the Beatles, accompanied by a chorus which Bruno introduces, called "Zarzuella", with 4 women and 4 men. Their voices add another dimension to the music.

 12. "Le Bon Gars et le Salaud" Bruno moves all over the stage with this energizing number. A good choice for after the break, to get us all going again! I think he wrote the words to this song.

13. "Aime" A more orchestral treatment of the song than on "SurScene", with less percussion. Softer, very nice.

14. "Bohemian Rhapsody" The song by Queen with Zazuella as backup. Wow, was this amazing! This was Bruno's last fantasy of the evening, to sing this song with a full orchestra and chorus.
 15. "Depuis Que T'es Parti" 2nd song from new album. I just broke down helplessly in tears. Oops, there goes my pen! What a caressing and tender voice after the power of the last number. I am looking forward so much to this next album. It's going to be full of surprises, and worth the wait, I know.

16. "Se Rever" Bruno crosses to stage left (I can still see him, but just barely...) to sit on the edge of the piano bench, facing the audience. His attitude is still, thoughtful. It's very effective.

17. "Not Unusual To Be Loved By You" Tribute (also kind of a parody) to Tom Jones. The Crooner character that Bruno does so well. What a treat! Someone brings out his sparkling, sequined jacket and then the "go-go" girls come out dancing. The audience loves it all!

18. "Les Temp des Cathedrales" Bruno says it would be impossible for him to leave the stage without singing this song. The audience agrees completely. First standing ovation.

19. "Miserere" - Encore #1  Not a weak or false note in this demanding piece. No other voice could be this pure of tone. He takes my breath away. Standing ovation.

20. "Let It Be" with Zarzeulla - Encore #2 Standing ovation.

21. "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Zarzuella - Encore#3 Standing ovation.

I wait until about 25 minutes after the concert, but it doesn't seem like Bruno will be signing autographs tonight. I understand now that after an hour or so, Bruno did come out to shake hands and say hello. No autographs, but I could have met him! Well, what can you do, right? Next time...and there will be a next time.

So there's my report. What do you think? I had two more days in Montreal. I spent all day Saturday with Dayna, walking around and Old Montreal. Sunday, I was on my own, and I went to the Biodome, a large indoor nature reserve with 4 different ecosystems. It was fascinating. I went to the Archambault bookstore one last time. This is where I spent most of my money, I'm afraid, but I can't find really interesting books and music in French here at home. So it's all for educational purposes, right?
There, I feel better!  Love from Oregon   Judy

    Finally! The concert! From where I was sitting, I could see Bruno peeking out from backstage. How handsome he is with his short hair!

The Orchestra came out and tuned up. Then the maestro, Simon Leclerc, then there he was! BRUNO!!


Feb. 2002 with OSM (by Dayna)
Feb. 2002 with OSM (by Judy)

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