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    [2] Before the show 

[1]   Arrival in Montreal [5]   The meeting
[2]   Before the show [6]   In front of the Basilica
[3]   The first concert 1 [7]   The second night
[4]   The first concert 2

Fan Meeting 1

It's not the tour concert. It's a little different from usual one, a Christmas concert with Montreal Symphony Orchestra at Notre-Dame Basilica. If it's the normal concert, Bruno sings his songs in the albums which I know well. But this time he will surely sings Christmas

Before the trip to Quebec, I was invited to a fan meeting with Bruno fans. I thought easily I'd not talk French well, but it'd be much better to have a diner alone and plus, we can talk about Bruno!
The streed of Notre-Dame
OK! I accepted.

But at the meeting, my French didn't work at all. I asked to repeat again and again, and at last I could understant very easy words. (*sigh*) Though it was fan with 8 persons from Quebec, Europe, and... Japon. During the meeting, we looked at Bruno's photos and I was so glad.

To the concert

30 minutes before the opening, we arrived at the basilica, but they didn't open the door just 15 before and we had to wait outside. ... So cold!
Around there a Santa Claus with perfect costume was walking and laughing "ho, ho, ho...". The beard is his, it's real one!
And at last the door opened.

At the gate, I showed my ticket and then they said, "you go over there." I saw steps to the upper floor. "what..." My seat is on the second floor?

I reserved the tickets as soon as they announced the concert. So I never imagined my seats were bad. (How silly!) When I sat my seat, I couldn't see the faces of the musicians who already sat on the stage. Then.. maybe neither Bruno's face...
All the time I get the tickets for theaters, my places are good. So I belieaved totally so were these seats and I didn't carry my opera glasses. That chocked me so much.

To say hello to my friend

The time of opening was approaching.
I had a rendezvous at the basilica so I went to her seat. It was very good seat.
I talked to her and I found some persons I met at the meeting.

The fir tree before the Basilica. The blue illumination was very beautiful.

A staff of the concert approached me and talked to me. "Did you come from Japan? Are you kidding?"
Then, others fans explained that was true. He was very surprised and said, "great! OK, I let you meet Bruno."

... what did you say now...???

He (I call him Mr. Staff) continued, "after the show, come here again. I'll let you meet him."
I wondered if he had the right to decide such a thing without confirming Bruno. But other people listened to it as it was natural.
It seemed he didn't tease me.

I returned to my seat.
....Soon I can listen to Bruno's real voice. And... later, I can meet him?
Most of members of the orchestra sat and a lady appeared on the stage to present the concert and the sponsor. I couldn't see her face.

And... finally, Bruno!! He entered!! It's Bruno!
I could find his body, but couldn't see his face. It was far, far away...

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[1]   Arrival in Montreal   [2]   Before the show   [3]   The first concert 1  
[4]   The first concert 2   [5]   The meeting [6]   In front of the Basilica
[7]   The second night

Bruno Pelletier Japan --- Bruno, Blue, Basilica 2