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    [1] Arrival in Montreal 

[1]   Arrival in Montreal [5]   The meeting
[2]   Before the show [6]   In front of the Basilica
[3]   The first concert 1 [7]   The second night
[4]   The first concert 2

In this text, there are the words that somebody else said. Possibly it's different from what they really said. That'd be because that I didn't realize what they said or that I don't remember well. If you find any errors, write me please!


It's not the tour concert. It's a little different from usual one, a Christmas concert with Montreal Symphony Orchestra at Notre-Dame Basilica. If it's the normal concert, Bruno sings his songs in the albums which I know well. But this time he will surely sings Christmas songs.
In Japan there are also lots of Christmas songs, but they are in Japanese. Plus, the songs which are very common in Europe or Canada are not always popular in my country. Whatever songs Bruno sings, it should be wonderful, but it'd be better that I know at least some of them.

So one month before the concert I asked about it in the guestbook of his official site, "Which songs will Bruno sing?"
Someone kind answered my question and showed her song list that she expected. I didn't know almost all those songs. Thank you so much! Refering this list, I searched French Christmas CD on the net and I learned the titles of Christmas songs maybe very popular. Finaly I ordered 4 CD.

On the guestbook of the official site, I found a message from who saw a practice of the concert. She wrote the song titles Bruno sang. There were some songs I hadn't know before, so my preparation went well!
And the message said Bruno sang "Quand les hommes vivront d'amour", which I loved. I thought this song fitted him so much. I was very glad to hear this song live, and at that moment, I really felt "I will go to his concert to listen to his voice...".

Arrival in Montreal

It was my first trip to Canada.
My plane arrived almost midnight. A Quebecois proposed me to come to the airport, to pick me up. But it should be too late and I declined it once, but she kindly proposed it again so I accepted it.

At the Montreal airport, I found people waiting for the passengers.
...Where are my friends...? Ah, there are three ladies and... are they so?
But I wasn't sure. Then one lady pulled out a big poster... of Bruno!! Woow! (Good idea!) At that time I was so glad to find them correctly and also to see Bruno's poster! I hadn't seen any poster of Bruno.
I approched them and they also noticed me. They welcomed me very warmly.

They spoked to me in French at first, but... I didn't at all understand! :-(
One of them asked me which language I prefer between English and French. I wanted to speak French but I understood my concersation didn't work with my bad French, and I answered "in English..." But I didn't study English longtime and I almost forgot it! What should I do?!

We got on the car. Inside, we listened to Bruno songs...! Wow! In my car I usually listen to Bruno's songs but how happy in another car!
The next day, the truck was still parked.

My hotel was near the Notre-Dame Basilica and the car went there first. Old Montreal was empty and quiet. The fir trees in front of the Basilica were decorated in blue. And we could see blue lights from the windows of Basilica. The Basilica was all in blue. «Blue...» «It's so beautiful...»
... How lucky to listen to his songs in such place.

The car tourned to the side of basilica. But the driver stumbled and she followed a car parked on the street. We stopped there.
Suddenly she cried, «Bruno!»... What? Bruno? Is he there? Where is he...!!
Maybe Bruno's car was there. All three ladies were very excited and they said "Bruno... Bruno!" In the car, it was noisy and cheerful. They were very cute!

I found a truck over there probably which carried the concert tools. I think Bruno came to do the final check about the stage. We didn't see him, but it was very interesting.

From the window of my hotel, I saw half of the Basilica.
...At last I came here...

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[1]   Arrival in Montreal   [2]   Before the show   [3]   The first concert 1  
[4]   The first concert 2   [5]   The meeting [6]   In front of the Basilica
[7]   The second night

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